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Quintana Resources Capital ULC (QRC) is a Vancouver-based natural resources-focused management company with a dedicated team of highly experienced and accomplished mining professionals. QRC provides financial and technical services to Quintana Resources Holdings LP (Q-Holdings), an investment holding company based in Houston, Texas.

These companies’ joint main focus is the global metals and mining sector and providing capital that optimizes a company’s capital structure, with an emphasis on extending non-dilutive and tax-deferred funding to cash-flowing (or within 1 year of such) projects through base metals streaming agreements.

Quintana Minerals Corporation

QRC and Q-Holdings are members of the Quintana Minerals Corporation group of companies. Quintana Minerals Corporation was originally formed as the mining division of Quintana Petroleum Corp. in 1963, where it embarked on an active campaign of exploring, developing and operating precious and base metals and industrial mineral mining projects throughout the Americas for almost 25 years. In 1986, the group refocused its strategy to acquiring properties and leasing them to various operators in exchange for royalty payments.

Today Quintana Minerals Corporation is the management company for a large portfolio of energy and natural resources-based private and publicly-traded companies and private equity funds controlled by the Corbin J. Robertson Jr. family. The Robertson/Cullen family has successfully operated and invested in the energy and natural resources sectors on a global basis for 4 generations.

Related Ventures

The following are a few examples of other Quintana group-related ventures:

  • GP Natural Resource Partners LLC, the controlling general partner of Natural Resource Partners L.P., a publicly-traded royalty-based MLP (NYSE: NRP)
  • Great Northern Properties L.P., the largest private coal owner in the US, holding over 20 billion tons of coal reserves
  • Corsa Coal Corp., a publicly-traded junior mining company leading a consolidation strategy (TSXV: CSO)
  • Quintana Shipping Ltd., the group’s 2nd dry bulk shipping venture with 14 owned and operated vessels and growing
  • Quintana Energy Partners L.P., a private equity firm with 2 funds and ~$1 billion under management at its peak
  • LKCM Headwater Investments, a private equity firm with 2 funds and ~$600 mm under management
  • Quintana Infrastructure & Development LLC, a private company that, among other ventures, operates oil marketing, trucking, rail terminal and pipeline companies servicing the Bakken Shale Play in North Dakota
  • Great Northern Project Development, LP, a private company that, among other ventures, is developing an 1,100 bbl/day gas-to-liquids plant in Louisiana and a dry bulk rail terminal for servicing the Bakken Shale Play in North Dakota