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Our Team

Quintana Resources comprises of a best-in-class team of investment and mining professionals with over 150 years of combined experience in successfully identifying, evaluating, acquiring (including consolidations), financing (equity, debt, royalty-purchases and streaming), exploring, developing, operating and monetizing natural resources companies and assets.

Corbin J. Robertson, JR Director - Quintana Resources Capital ULC
CEO - Quintana Resources Holdings LP

Corbin J. Robertson Jr. has over 40 years of global investment and operations experience in the natural resources sector. His…

Corbin J. Robertson III Director
Quintana Resources Capital ULC
Quintana Resources Holdings LP

Corbin J. Robertson III is a seasoned energy and natural resources professional with vast experience in international corporate operations, private…

Oliver Rodz Chairman - Quintana Resources Capital ULC
President - Quintana Resources Holdings LP

Oliver Rodz is a natural resources executive and investment professional with an extensive background in portfolio management, M&A and divestitures,…

Darlan Araujo
Darlan Araujo Director of Technical Services
Quintana Resources Holdings LP

H. Darlan Araujo is a mining engineer with close to 20 years of international experience in open pit and underground…

Charles Brown
Charles Brown EVP – Mine Engineering
Quintana Resources Capital ULC

Charles Brown is a mining engineer with over 40 years of extensive, international experience in operations, project development, engineering studies,…

Pablo Gomez
Pablo Gomez Commercial Director
Quintana Resources Capital ULC

Pablo Gomez is a financial professional with vast experience negotiating offtake terms and contracts with traders and smelters and managing…